Alquier Guitars – Brice Delage

Sunday 13:30-13:50 in Hall C4

Brice_Delage_1Brice Delage is a self taught guitar player who first followed the sonic paths of Billy Gibbons, Tom Morello and the Young brothers in his early days. He later got interested in many different kinds of music, from classical (check his guitar rendition of Stravinsky’s Rite Of Spring) to electro, and included to his playing various components of traditional music genres.


Somewhat, he his more interested in taking advantage of what a guitar itself has to offer sonic-wise than playing just “notes”, considering each component of the instrument, including pots, tailpieces, switches, pickup pole pieces etc… can help to produce an interesting (sometimes ugly) sound. Tom Morello helped a lot… This little speciality eventually led him to become one of the most wanted guitar crashtester in France.


He plays and sings in the French Rock’n’Roll trio WHAT ABOUT YOUR MOM and was part of the iconoclastic jazz/prog band CLASSICAL ANIMALS. Beside W.A.Y.M, he is also constantly touring with cover bands DOGTOWN, EZ TOP, and as sideman with cameroonian blues artist Roland Tchakounte.




Presented by Alquier Guitars