Collaboration between luthiers

Saturday 13:00-13:45 in Room Lyon

Research and development or source of inspiration?

by Fred Kopo, France


Fred Pons (Kopo) considers himself a perpetually self-taught guitar maker. Since founding his workshop in 1988 in Brittany he has built around 500 instruments, and has educated many trainees. Fred has exhibited his guitars in various shows in France, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, and Montréal. Over the years he has met many admirable luthiers, among them Ken Parker and Gerard Audirac. In this lecture he shares his experiences collaborating with them.



FRED_KOPO_Kenetfred1Following the growing trend of ‘open source’ research and development, sharing knowledge is essential to Fred, as beyond the technical aspects such an exchange inspires a brotherhood between luthiers appreciating each other’s creations.