Custom build or standard guitar?

Saturday 17:00-17:45 in Room Lyon

What’s the difference?

by Finn Olafsson, Denmark


FINN_OLAFSSON_4Danish guitarist Finn Olafsson is internationally known for his instrumental guitar music and as an excellent guitar player on acoustic and electric guitars. In 1968, he began his career as co-founder of progressive rock band ACHE. Then, in the mid 70s, Finn also debuted as an acoustic solo guitarist, sideman and producer. He’s discography counts well over 150 releases.
Finn Olafsson plays guitars from custom builders like Kehlet, Musselwhite and Schaumburg – but also on guitars from C.F. Martin, Bourgeois, Fender, Rickenbacker and Mayones. What’s the difference? And what should you be aware of before ordering your new guitar?

I’m really looking forward to talk about my major passion at the Holy Grail Guitar Show!