Exhibitors 2014

AJL Guitars
Ari-Jukka Luomaranta

AJL-Guitars are premium, traditionally handcrafted gypsy guitars, known and sold worldwide and built in Europe from European tonewoods by Master luthier Ari-Jukka Luomaranta. His X-O Model is said to be closest to an original Selmer. He is also using modern technology and research to make the cellular structure of wood similar to old wood.
AJ is also professional when it comes to Brazilian rosewood (palisander de rio). His woods are CITES approved pre-convention stock, and CITES documents are included on every Brazilian rosewood guitar.


AJ builds:

-Oval hole Selmer-style Models 14 & 12 fret

-D-hole Maccaderri-style Models 12 & 14fret, also with resonator.

-Gypsy-Fire Models (Favino-size) oval & D-hole

-17″ archtop

-19″ Master 400 archtop.

-“Swingmaster” hand made pickups


AJ has also produced tours, concerts and CDs with Europe’s top gypsy guitar players with his own group Hot club de Finlande, performing around Europe.