Exhibitors 2014

Andy Manson Custom Guitars
Andy Manson

Since the late 1960s Andy Manson has played a consistent role in the regeneration of the great British tradition of lutherie. He has built approximately one thousand musical instruments, including guitars, mandolins, Celtic bouzoukis and a number of multi-necked hybrids. His work is firmly rooted in classic methods, but has evolved to be his own distinctive style. He has many well-respected professional clients and has been an inspirational mentor to several now-established luthiers. In 2010 Andy relocated to Portugal, his work exhibiting the maturity and mastery appropriate to his experience. He shares the workshop with his stepson, Seth Baccus, who is also building boutique quality electric guitars.


»The first guitar I built was for my own use. It was a crude affair, but it could support a tune, in fact it earned my simple needs as a busker. Having broken it and repaired it, I became at first interested then obsessed with the design and construction of guitars. I have found over the years that the craft demands attention from all my levels of existence. Physical activity and manual skills, design and engineering principles together with aesthetic considerations, musical knowledge and appreciation, a sense of culture and history, spiritual and metaphysical connection. All these aspects are both consuming and fulfilling, but above all I feel profoundly privileged to serve the exciting circus of music, the manipulation of vibration, the essence of the material universe.«

I deeply appreciate being invited to participate in the Holy Grail Guitar Show and look forward to meeting so many world-class luthiers, a broadly sharing fraternity. There will no doubt be much to discuss.