Exhibitors 2014

Bachmann Guitars
Rudolf Bachmann

Bachmann Guitars & Tonewood is a company located in Italy.  We produce hand crafted acoustic guitars with a unique 3-dimensional banded belly and special models of electric guitars and bass guitars.  The second part of our company, Bachmann Tonewood, employs a sawmill to mill and offer excellent wood for instrument-making all over the world.  It also allows us to use this unique, high-quality wood for our own guitars. Every single guitar is custom-made and can be built to specification of the Guitar player. Furthermore with the sawmill for Tonewood we offer excellent wood for instrument making all over the world.


Piece by piece, with great accuracy and always hand-made, every single instrument guarantees highest quality in production and material as well as uniqueness. The unique acoustic guitars with the bent solid wood body, impresses with the excellent sound.


“Bachmann Tonewood ” a sawmill for tonewoods. With great care, the logs are going to be selected and felled in the winter in the woods of the Dolomites – Northern Italy and in Bosnia , professionally sawed in their own sawmill, 9-10 months gently air dried , inspected , planed and sorted and moved in the shelves for the sale. The numbering of the individual woods ( Tops, back, sides , necks , etc.) we always have a precisely detailed description of the timbers and allows us to supply our customers with their preferences of wood types.


For many years we have been supplying the world and can already count renowned guitar makers and violin makers among our customer base and we are very proud of that. Our large wooden range of spruce – hazel spruce ( Dolomites Italy ), Maple (Bosnia ), walnut , popular, pear, cherry, Indian Rosewood , Madagascar , mahogany, etc. allows us to find for each individual the right tonewood for his instrument or also stop by in person in our stock to select the woods.