Exhibitors 2014

Barrillon Guitars
Stefan Barrillon

Stefan Barrillon has been building acoustic and electric guitars as well as basses since 1995. When developing the concept of a new guitar design, he pays particular attention to playability, simplicity, and efficient designs. Stefan aims to bring out the natural beauty of the woods in his instruments, rather than using overly complex hardware combinations and intricate inlay patterns. He has a mixed approach of guitar building, somewhere between tradition and modern interpretations. Stefan prefers to work directly with the musician, listening to his needs, providing unique and individual guitars. 


“I’ve always liked to work on small parts, and fine models; doing things by hand, touching, chapping, finishing are the things I love to do. I also started playing music quite soon, so when I got 23, I had to find my way and choose what was for me the evidence: The Guitar Building. I repaired lots of guitars in the first years but started building some kind of prototype in the same time. After 10 years, orders going on and on I decided to open my own dedicated to luthery shop in Aix en Provence: “Guitares d’en France”, where I sell my guitars but also the guitars of other luthiers that live far from Aix en Provence.”

Showing my guitars at the HGGS is something I am really proud of because it shows me that I am a part of the lutherie community. I am working on guitar building since 19 years and earn my life with this art and now being able to get in touch with foreign builders is really cool. To be able to share experience and knowledge is something really important.