Exhibitors 2014

Christina Kobler Guitars
Christina Kobler

Christina has been making guitars for over 10 years. Her love of guitar building grew out of her interests in playing the guitar and working enthusiastically with wood in her grandfather’s joiner’s workshop at a very young age. In 2008, after achieving her master degree, she set up her own guitar-building workshop.
Each instrument is unique, produced by using both age-old craftsmanship and modern technology. Optical and aesthetic details, in addition to diverse measurements and settings, are fashioned according to the customer’s individual preferences. Her sincere aim is that the musician is inspired by the guitar. 
»Being a guitar maker means much more for me than only a profession. It’s a vocation filled with pure motivation and followed by endless passion. My sincere aim is that the musician is inspired by the guitar. It is my desire to provide instruments tailored to the customer’s individual preferences.«

The Holy Grail Guitar Show is going to be a great event and is much needed on the European guitarscene. Being part of the “Holy Grail Guitar Show” is a wonderful chance for me to connect with the finest luthiers in the world who share the same passion.