Exhibitors 2014

Daguet Guitars
Roger Daguet

Based near Paris, Roger Daguet has been making guitars since 1975. What started off as a hobby for an enthusiastic musician later developed into a solid career for a man who recently turned 50. He is a lover of bands such as MC5, Pink fairies, Radio Birdman, Sonic’s Rendez Vous, as well as characters such as Hendrix, Larry Coryell, J Winter and Capt Beefheart. His work is heavily influenced by his love of old guitars from the golden age (Epiphones, Mosrite, Rickenbacker and many others). He is now making his own pickups, always looking for the sound that sets you apart.


“Passion is the key word of my work. With a high regard on purity/accuracy (think MC5…) of the instrument itself. Criterias are simple: Easiness of playing, great sounds (mean sustain, dynamic and character), making you feel like it’s 1965 again!

I love old guitars, (mosrite, harmony, supro, epiphone, ricky, Dano… all of them!) especially the outsider ones. All these hidden gems that wrote the electric music of blues, jazz AND rock’n roll of the last century… until today! Most of the time they were perfectible, according to our XXI century standards, so I try to make them this way, keeping the spirit and achieving them the way modern times needs, I try to work this way even on my original models.

To fulfill this goal I’m now making my own line of pickups (no assembling of factory made parts here) and various devices such as my own tremolo. And last but not least, make you feel like you are playing your very own instrument as it has been made according our common work on the design process.”