Exhibitors 2014

Danou Guitars
Daniel Meier

Daniel Meier has been building acoustic and electric guitars since 1998. He started up in a small garage next door to a joinery workshop, where he is still works on occasion. In 2008 he got the chance to expand into a larger area at the same location. Gaining knowledge of woodworking using different types of timber was very helpful in learning his crafts. All the advice from his friends as a master-luthier, still open the eyes and ears of the acoustic guitar world. Using native woods is a very important point of his philosophy.


»My first guitar I built in the age of 15 years. There was no chance to get such an instrument for me. So I started to do it by myself without any plans etc. The first chords I learned on this No 1. Since this time, the idea of building guitars always was around, and finally I tried to do it professionally. In Frankfurt I exposed 2 times, and I never felt, to be at the right place there. It was too big and commercialized for me.«

The idea of the Holy Grail Guitar Show is a great thing I think! So I’m very happy to get the chance to be a part of it.