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David Antony Reid Luthier
David Antony Reid

David Antony Reid is a true “hand-maker” of bespoke, contemporary and innovative stringed instruments. As a multi award winning luthier, David can take up to 400 hours to craft and sculpt his average guitar – an approach employed due to strong feelings regarding a constant touch-and-feel understanding of his materials and construction method. Science is key to David’s technique; as Richard Fynman said: ‘The test of all knowledge is experiment. Experiment is the sole judge of scientific “truth”.’ The proof of the pudding is in the eating. David believes aesthetics are important, but tone and feel are his ultimate interests.
In 2003, just before completing his formal lutherie training, David was awarded, Guitar Of The Year, by Guitar Magazine, UK, for acoustic guitars over £1000.00. In 2012 David was awarded, Alumnus Of The Year, by Perth University – presented to him by no less than, Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal – since studying mechitronical engineering with them from 1999 – 2000. At the end of said term, David, received “The Cup For Academic Achievement” for his work with mathematics and physics – despite only just being diagnosed as a dyslexic who could not read or write. Much of what David learned whilst studying engineering has been applied to the scientific side of his instrument designs. In 2013, Acoustic Guitar Magazine, US, nominated David’s VaultBack model as one of their 8 dream guitars of the world, and also in 2013 David was awarded The Balvenie Masters of Craft Award.


I believe that ‘the’ best of lutherie is coming out of Europe in this century, as it did for many centuries before. This is the heart of luthierie, and I am proud to be a part of that.