Exhibitors 2014

Deimel Guitarworks
Frank Deimel & Kora Jünger

Frank Deimel has been building guitars since his early adolescence and started his professional business “Deimel Guitarworks” in 1998. Since 2007 he has worked together with his wife and artist Kora Jünger. Giving a flawless tool to a musician while mirroring his/her unique style is their absolute goal. A “classic” design remains a very important driving force for creation since they and their customers share the same love for the old vintage models. From there, Deimel Guitarworks alter their models with modern features to suit today’s personal tastes and ergonomical preferences. Among others, clients include Lee Ranaldo, Tocotronic and the Klaxons.


“Making my own guitars… in 1993 this was a dream for me. 1998 I started to live my dream and I founded my company in the heart of Berlin. Now in 2014 we have a »Holy Grail Guitar Show« in Berlin. My heart beats higher from day to day now. As having learned to play guitar at a very young age, very early I soaked in the smell of mahogany and spruce glued together in order to make a sound. I remember having felt very intimidate with it, but especially the woods and the sound intrigued me heavily during my practicing with it in order to be guitarist. Being grown up I was finally addicted to the electric guitar and moved to Berlin to start as a musician and trying to find a place to study graphic design. I also tried to find opportunities to build and repair in order to keep my obsession, and it happened. Now, after a long journey, I am a luthier.

2007 my wife Kora came into my life, and we managed to form a family and by now also a complementary work life. Kora and me have decided to live a life of building guitars, and now we face the chances of doing so.”

For us as founding members of »The Holy Grail Guitar Show« this is a highly passionated project.

“Though Kora and me are building guitars daily, we are also part of putting together this show, and it is an absolute challenge to do both in the same time. Kora and me, we both know that it will fructify in the end, and we are so happy to be part of such an endeavor. I am sure in the end we will never forget this year of almost daily skype meetings all over europe, and daily decisions to make. We are so much looking forward to the growing network and community, all the nice people we get to know in this growing luthier family. It is a staggering feeling. We do learn a ton, and are extremely amazed by the dynamics of group work on such a big level. A lifetime experience for sure, and we hope that besides the show organisation itself the network of luthiers worldwide will benefit to a large extend, and we all do feel much more closer despite of language and distance. Because we share the same love: the guitar.”