Exhibitors 2014

Dorian Guitars
Sophie Dockx

Sophie Dockx has been a performing guitarist and guitar teacher for over 30 years. She has also worked as an industrial designer for IBM all through the nineties. She designed and built her first electric guitar at age 17, in 1979, out of a solid plank of sapeli mahogany; she had to build it because her parents refused to buy her one! But engineer Dad and fashion designer Mom couldn’t resist allowing her to design and build one. As she started Dorian Guitars in 2004, she decided to stick to designing and prototyping, leaving the building in the capable hands of Sander De Gier.


“We are a brand of which the output is exclusively master built.”


Each guitar is made by a single master luthier, to the designs developed by Sophie Dockx. These designs took between eight an six years, each, to finalise. They went through several generations of prototypes, and rigorous testing, before being presented to the public. They are the first modern guitar designs in the world, catering to the skilled hands of the master luthier. Contrary to the iconic designs of Fender, Gibson and PRS, they are not meant to be mass-produced. At the same time, the Dorian designs provide a new paradigm, a new silhouette, that isn’t a slightly modified copy of the American iconic designs. Even the parts (bridges, pickups, pickup covers) are specially designed, so we avoided the numerous compromises and constraints that come with after-market standardization.