Exhibitors 2014

Duo Lutherie
Philippe Deputte

Duo Lutherie started in 2006 and specialises in handmade bass guitars. The philosophy of the instruments is to be light weight and ergonomic but also to have great tone. Wood selection and hardware is a big part of this job but the exclusive use of Benedetti pickups makes a key difference in the balance of light weight and heavy tone. You’ll find 4 different models of bass guitars. Be unique, play Duo.


»Being luthier was, is and will be an every day dream ! I started building bass guitars more than 13 years ago. When your a kid and you have the chance to meet a Luthier, you easily catch the virus of guitar making ! When I had my own workshop I decided to only build bass guitars. To make light weight instruments is not easy for bass players to accept. Light weight doesn’t often go with bass guitars. My quest is to prove taht you can do it ! To be part of this amazing Holy grail guitar show is a wonderfull chance to exchange with other world wide luthiers. It’s really a privilege for me to be part of this first episode.«