Exhibitors 2014

Frank Hartung Guitars
Frank Hartung

Frank Hartung manufactures primarily one-off electric guitars that are crafted in close cooperation with the customer. Thus, the guitarist’s preferences and desires are combined in a unique instrument. First class selected materials are paired with innovations and the highest artisan expertise in Frank’s workshop in the Thuringian town Langewiesen, to build unmistakable guitars with the utmost attention to detail. His guitars are sold worldwide and enjoy an excellent international reputation. They can be found in select boutique stores in many countries of the world. In 2014, Frank Hartung won 1st prize of the German Music Instrument Award of the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy in the category “electric guitars” for his model “Embrace Classic”.


“I am a qualified carpenter, trained from the very ground up in handling the material wood. The love for music was the driving force that led me to playing the guitar someday. From there I gained increasingly interest in woods, contructional details, hardware and the way these components intertwine in a guitar. Finally, the inevitable happened and I built my first guitar and it was quite well done from the get-go, which I got confirmed from seasoned luthiers. Ever since, I craft electric guitars by conviction. It’s probably the same fascination of all guitar lovers that are under the spell of this instrument. From my perspective as a craftsman, I like the challenge to take a couple of raw materials and to build something that I consider perfect.”

The Holy Grail Guitar Show is just the right presentation outlet for instruments such as the one I build. These are quality guitars with great attention to detail. During this show, I have the feeling to have the right audience in an appropriate environment, far away from the mainstream of shops and exhibitions that are flooded with products.