Exhibitors 2014

Gamble Guitars
Sascha Proske & Robby Rybol

Gamble Guitar was founded in 2011 by best friends Sascha Proske and Robby Rybol and really started to take off after the first ‘Messe’ in 2013. Although newcomers, both always had a love for Rock’n Roll, which is reflected in their guitars. They build instruments which are meant to rock on stage. Since then, the cheeky charm of their guitars has found many national and international fans. Sascha and Robby put a lot of passion into their work and pay close attention to using high-quality materials. Current models are the ‘Rockfire’ in various versions, the ‘Bluesrocker’ and the newest model ‘Big Mama’.


Robby: “I love guitar music since I danced to van Halen’s “Jump”. Therefore live music and friends who play in bands have always been part of my life. I ‘ve known Sascha since ten years and with time going on a deep friendship has been developped, because we have much in common.
When he addressed to me about 5 years ago with the idea to build guitars together I immeaditately agreed. Quickly we made plans how to do so and what style our guitars should have. When it got more concrete we looked for a name. One evening after our meanwhile usual ‘guitar-project meetings’ Sascha suddenly mentioned that he had to leave for “Zocken”with rehearsals and guitars. At home I looked up the English word for “zocken” and had the idea of “Gamble Guitars as a name.”


Sascha: “Since I was a little boy rock music belonged to my life. Sooner or later it was obvious for me to make music myself and to play an instrument. A lot of my friends played in bands. Right from the beginning I was a fan of Angus Young it was clear that I needed a guitar. After hard begging my parents finally bought me my first E-guitar. The guitar was pure passion for me. By and by I more and more I dealt with building guitars. At the beginning I repaired and restored guitars in my freetime. But soon I wished to manufacture my own guitars. When I asked my best friend Robby, who is a carpenter, if he could imagine to establish a small guitar-company he was very enthusiastic about it. Since then we sacrificed our whole freetime for more than two years to plan and prepare our company and finally in February 2011 we fullfilled our dream and established GAMBLE GUITARS.”