Exhibitors 2014

Lutz Heidlindemann

GUITARDOC strives to offer fine craftsmanship and excellent service. The “LUK-Franklin 68” series has an unique mix of old and new that together makes an instrument unlike any other. The sensational history of their guitars stems from a discovery of original electric and acoustic guitar bodies built by Höfner Guitars in Bavaria. Those bodies built in the 50’s through the 80’s were combined in an act of passion with customized guitar necks to create an instrument of perfection.


Since 1996 Lutz Heidlindemann manufactures the LuK Guitar and Bass Series which is very successful and widely-known in Berlin and over whole Germany.  In 1997 a custom LuK Pick-Up line card was added to the catalogue which mainly contains hand-craftet basses and guitars.


“In these Instruments the whole expert knowledge of 10 years of guitar mending are combined and included. The Idea of an own product series seems pretty logical. I don´t want to reinvent the wheel but precise and accurate work and the best available materials lead to classic guitars of highest quality standards which are custom build to fulfill the needs and wishes of the customer.”