Exhibitors 2014

Heeres Custom Guitars
Richard Heeres

Richard Heeres was trained as a cabinet maker and mechanical engineer.  He started making guitars simply because he needed one. In 1992 Richard started a course with master luthier David Freeman and immediately knew that he would build guitars for the rest of his life.


“My instruments have been described to me as looking ‘spectacularly plain’, which is a great compliment to me, because that’s just where some of the finest makers were going.  On every guitar, my goal is to combine great musical quality with that look”.  Richard’s instruments are in demand by both amateur and professional musicians worldwide. Being an artisan, I spend a lot of time in my quiet habitat: the workshop. An artisan needs these surroundings to fully concentrate on his craft, but at some point the instruments we make should be seen, played and heard.”

The Holy Grail Guitar Show will be a great opportunity to meet some of Europe’s finest guitar makers, have in-depth discussions with aficionado’s, and hear some great music made on the best guitars available today.