Exhibitors 2014

Helliver Guitars
Oliver Baron

In a small workshop in Münster some of the world’s finest electric guitars are made. Luthier Oliver Baron builds every instrument himself, from buying and seasoning the wood to the final setup. Thorough craftsmanship takes time, which allows no more than 20 guitars to leave the shop every year. Built without compromise or haste, Helliver Guitars combines the look and feel of classic instruments with unsurpassed playability and ergonomics. Expect a kind of sound and resonance which is rarely found in modern instruments. Built to be a lifelong partner for creativity, each Helliver Guitar is a Workhorse of Art!



“This can be done better” is the golden thread which has been running through all my life. From making my own toys and games as a kid to graduating as a designer. Being utterly disappointed and bored with production guitars, I knew I had to design and build my own. An instrument as good as it can be, without compromise or efficiency considerations. Today, this is still the benchmark for every Helliver Guitar.


The main goal is the perfect primary tone (or acoustic tone) of a guitar. Amplifying this is just a matter of choosing the right electronic components. To unleash a piece of wood’s potential as a musical instrument is what it’s all about. Years of expierience and development have created a range of instruments which offer resonance, dynamic range and articulation rarely found in electric guitars today. And yes, they happen to look good, too.

The Holy Grail Guitar Show is just the right place to see, hear and feel, what Helliver Guitars is about. Without distraction from big companies’ shredders and full stacks, you can experience both, the striking and subtle differences which make an outstanding instrument.

The super light Classic Hollow, the cool Firebug and the aluminium topped hollow-body Pilot will be there for your close examination. Learn, discuss, compare… I am looking very much forward to it.”