Exhibitors 2014

Husemoens Gitarmakeri
Øystein Husemoen

Luthier Øystein Husemoen founded Husemoens Gitarmakeri in 2003 after completing his German Journeyman’s Certificate of Apprenticeship the year before. In 2009 Fredrik Berg Christensen joined as an apprentice, and the workshop in Lillehammer has built a reputation for their high-level custom acoustics, electric and bass guitars. Their Norwegian Wood Series guitar was first introduced at the 2010 Fuzz Guitar Show in Göteborg, and demonstrates the diversity of tone you can create using only sustainable Norwegian woods. Their focus on quality and use of sustainable parts has brought them a lot of attention both from great artists and the media in Norway and abroad.


»There is something about taking a rough piece of wood into the workshop and knowing that one day it will turn into a unique tool for creating music.
Building custom guitars is all about providing guitarists with their own perfect combination of sound, playability and visual appearance. My ultimate goal is always to build an instrument they will be proud of and that will inspire their creativity for years. With the Norwegian Wood Series guitars I have committed myself to doing so using only sustainable Norwegian woods.«

I am sure that the Holy Grail Guitar Show will become one of the most important events for presenting our craft, and I am proud to be a part of it. It will be really inspiring to display our instruments amongst the finest luthiers in the world.