Exhibitors 2014

Daniele Fierro & Davide Fossati

Daniele Fierro started as a luthier in 1986. With his trade-name Jacaranda and his partner Davide Fossati, he makes solid body electric and electro-acustic guitars and basses. His production is totally handcrafted and each instrument is entirely produced in his workshop based in the heart of Milan. Drawing on the best tradition, Jacaranda creates and develops its own models rooted in a thirty years’ experience paying the utmost attention to the materials, sound quality and aesthetic details, ultimately creating unique instruments.
After such a long time since building the first guitar, Jacaranda has become an acknowledged Italian reality.


“Music has always been a very important part of my life and the guitar has fascinated me since the beginning. At nineteen the decision to attend a course on classical lutherie has turned my passion into my profession. The desire to understand how an instrument is built, the never-ending research on the features determining the sound properties and the feeling associated to a material such as wood, the pleasure to see and listen to the result of my work still move me.”

HGGS is “The great chance” for musicians and music lovers to truly reach the European crafting excellence. For luthiers, as we are, it is the occasion to show the fruit of our creativity, tell our story to the visitors and share with our fellow makers our experience built throughout the years following our love for lutherie, culture and music.