Exhibitors 2014

Jasesoi Musical Instruments
Ari-Pekka Paasonen

Jasesoi Musical Instruments is a lutherie and repair shop located in Jyväskylä, a lively city in the middle of southern Finland. Jasesoi is comprised of master luthier Ari-Pekka Paasonen and 1-2 employees. A-P has been making musical instruments since 1991. He builds SS and Classical Guitars, mandolins and kanteles. Annual production is 10-12 new instruments and lots of repairs.


A-P uses fairly traditional methods: hand tools, hot hide glue, natural resin varnishes – mostly for the fun of it… Much effort is put into trying to get the tone suitable for each player’s style and demands. In the HGGS, A-P will show his take on his huge passion: Fingerstyle guitar.


»I started my musical career as a player, hendrixy electric guitar.. After being lucky enough to get in the Ikaalinen Lutherie school in 1991, I got deeply into building acoustic instruments. I have a strong passion in fingerstyle guitar. In the Holy Grail Guitar Show I will be showing my take on guitars of that style.«