Exhibitors 2014

Kauer Guitars
Doug Kauer

Kauer Guitars is a small, boutique electric guitar company based in Sacramento, California. Dedicated to building the best hand crafted guitars available using a combination of old world techniques and modern technology. Played by artists around the world Kauer Guitars has carved out a unique niche both aesthetically and tonally with its creations. 


“Ironically, guitar building was not my chosen profession growing up. While I learned to play guitar as a child and grew up working for my father, a cabinet maker, the idea that I could build a guitar seemed completely foriegn to me for decades. Then one day, the idea sparked, “Wait, guitars are made from wood, I build with wood every day… why can’t I do this?”. 

While like all forms of art, building a succesful career building guitars has been a long, slow process, some of the earliest friends I made we’re other luithers who are also exhibiting at the Holy Grail Guitar Show. These friends encouraged, supported and inspired me early on and continue to do so today. I feel very lucky to be included in such an amazing group of talented individuals.