Exhibitors 2014

Kopo Guitars
Frédéric Pons

A guitarist since the age of twelve, Fred Kopo discovered his vocation at age 16 when he visited a guitar workshop (Pavy, St Lunaire) with his guitar teacher at the time. He recalls this encounter in his own words:

BAM, it hit me like a two-by-four! The smells, the magic of the wood being transformed into a sonorous object, the sweetness of a quiet workshop in the country. I immediately wanted all of this.


Since 1988, hundreds of instruments have come out of this workshop. Many creations, some bestsellers, such as The Yalta, of which nearly fifty copies have been produced so far. As many guitars as basses have been made, a lot of the them electric, however more and more acoustic models have been produced over the past few years. And there are always a certain number of instruments that venture outside of the guitar world- for example the violin or the electric double bass.