Exhibitors 2014

Kuhlo Guitars
Jörg Kuhlo

Jörg Kuhlo has been building steelstring acoustic, and somewhat later electric guitars as well, from out Berlin since 1993. Born in Bielefeld, Jörg left Germany in 1983 at age 26 for a 10 years stay in the US, following his passion for luthery at the home country of the steelstring guitar and its music.


Jörg started out on a 1 year apprenticeship with former Michael Gurian student Tim White in Ann Arbor,MI. Followed by a rather brief employment with the Washburn Co. In Buffalo Grove, IL, he soon after took the chance of becoming a member of the repair and warranty section at the factory of Guild Musical Instruments in Westerly, RI thus deepening his so far accumulated experiences with the trade. A vacation trip to California’s Bay Area in summer of 1986 shows new connections and opportunities. Jörg decides to set up shop at Berkeley’s artist quarter Emeryville, to thrive on the local luthery and musicians scene. This 7 year period ends in early 1993 for a return to his home country, especially to Berlin, which then is just starting to bustle with ideas and newcomers from all parts of the world.


In addition to guitar design and manufacturing, Jörg has been running the Plekhaus Berlin service shop, using the state of the art plek technology to optimise the playability of any guitar or plugged instrument.