Exhibitors 2014

Larsen Guitars
Chris Larsen

Chris Larsen always loved guitars. He loved the look of guitars, the feel of guitars and in later years, the smell of guitars. Particularly the smell of old guitars that had spent most of their lives sealed in big brown cases with pink lining. Once, at an estate sale, a woman pulled her husband’s 1957 ES-5 out from under the bed and the smells of old wood, lacquer and dust nearly made him swoon. Then one day all the affordable old guitars disappeared.

So, he said to his friend Dave Schecter, “I think perhaps I should make guitars.”

“I’ve always thought that you would be good at that.” said Dave.
So he started building guitars. That was twenty years ago.

How strange and wonderful that there should be a community of independent guitar builders. The hand crafting of guitars is, generally speaking, a rather solitary activity so a gathering of these individuals,”alone together” as Steven Bachelor says, should make for a very interesting and wonderful event.