Exhibitors 2014

Leo Guitars
Darko Milojevic

Darko Milojevic is a master luthier from Germany. He founded Leo Guitars in 2010, right from the beginning he became world-famous for his relic work and since then the company grew constantly. Throughout the last years he gathered a lot of experience by doing repairs alongside designing his own models, always questioning every aspect of the guitar.
Today, his guitars are characterized by the combination of traditional craftsmanship and his unique building techniques. Modern guitar constructions, meticulous craftsmanship and passion is what makes Leo Guitars pleasingly functional pieces of art advanced on every level.


»Already as a child i felt in love with that instrument, i feel like everything i did since then unconsciously led me to building guitars. My goal is to build guitars with that “Vintage” feeling but constructionally improved, combining traditional craftsmanship and my unique building techniques.«

The Holy Grail Guitar Show is the payback for all the hard work in the last few years, i’m really grateful to be part of that historic event. Looking forward to meet all the great luthiers and many guitar enthusiasts.