Exhibitors 2014

Lospennato Electric Guitars
Leonardo Lospennato

Leo Lospennato designs and builds retro-futuristic guitars, with an accent on superb playability and the best tone money can buy.
His instruments, which look as if they were designed back in the 60s, are aimed at stealing your attention away from the same old models that have been around for decades (and their infinite copy-cats). To accomplish this, he develops each instrument together with the customer, creating stunning, one-of-a-kind, professional electric guitars.
Based in Berlin, Germany, Leo is also an author of books on lutherie and chief editor of Sustain Magazine for Luthiers.

Electric guitars are for me the coolest, sexiest of all musical instruments. And having mine exhibited side-by-side with the highest expressions of the craft this side of the Atlantic is truly a pleasure and a privilege. Are you visiting the show? Then get ready to get your mind blown by the most beautiful guitars you will ever see together in one place. I look forward to your visit!