Exhibitors 2014

Lottonen Guitars
Juha Lottonen & Juha Rinne



Finnish luthiers Juha Lottonen and Juha Rinne of Lottonen Guitars aim to fashion powerful playing instruments of the highest quality that play easily and with perfect tone.
Established in Helsinki over 20 years ago, Lottonen Guitars applies the traditions of highest quality Finnish craftsmanship to the world of stringed instruments. In addition to bespoke instruments built-to-order, Lottonen’s catalogue ranges from parlour and orchestral models to special models. The workshop uses only the highest quality, individually-selected materials and parts, including Finnish alder and Finnish birch. Hide glue is the material of choice for jointing, traditional lacquer and shellac techniques being employed in finishing.


»Our passion is to build guitars and other stringed instruments with ultimate Tone. We want them to be powerful and easy to play while at the same time possessing great tonal qualities. The Holy Grail Guitar Show is the perfect place to demonstrate our craft to new customers. It is also always nice to meet fellow craftsmen from different countries around the world and share ideas with them.«