Exhibitors 2014

Manne Guitars
Andrea Ballarin

Manne Guitars was established in 1987 by Andrea Ballarin in Schio, north-eastern Italy, where the Padanian Flats meets the Dolomite Alps. This is one of the most creative districts of the famed Venetian Region, responsible for the design and production of a wide range of fine handcrafted highly innovative goods and products. In this unique environment, new technologies are combined with creative ideas and the search for new designs, techniques and processes that together will create superior products. “There is always a better way to do it” is our philosophy and credo at Manne. Currently all instruments are handmadeby Andrea Ballarin on a custom order basis.


»Building instruments is a day by day challenge if you approach it as a constant developement and you wish to embed your vision and ideas. It is a never ending process of mastering elements, combining features and solutions. And the interaction with players is a constant source of inspirations. Especially I wish to avoid the classic construction paths, refusing common and traditional schemes, looking for independent and open range solutions that can offer advantages. So my perfect customers are the open minded ones, not fetish oriented that stuck with mainstream icons.«

I will be at the Holy Grail Show as it will be the »Esposizione universale« of our specific field. It’s a fantastic idea to promote to a bigger public the activity of smaller realities that offer a broad offer of well done original instruments made of 100% hard work, sweat, ideas, and knowledge to please the player.