Exhibitors 2014

Manzer Guitars
Linda Manzer

Linda Manzer has been designing and building world-class flattop and archtop acoustic guitars since 1974.  She studied with master luthiers Jean Claude Larrivée and the late James D’Aquisto.
Linda builds flattop, archtop and harp guitars and she is credited with many cutting-edge innovations including in 1984, the “Wedge”, an ergonomic tapered guitar body shape originally designed for the renowned 42-stringed Pikasso guitar.
Many discerning musicians play her instruments, including Bruce Cockburn, Paul Simon, Carlos Santana, and Julian Lage. Her guitars have been displayed in the Smithsonian, Washington D.C., the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and the Museum of Civilization, Ottawa Canada.


Manzer worked with Pat Metheny on a special limited edition model. The Metheny Manzer Signature 6 limited Edition to celebrate her 30 year collaboration with multiple Grammy recipient Pat Metheny.  Only 30 guitars  will be made and will include a limited edition Calton case designed by Pat and Linda. Plus a limited edition signed leather bound book of photos by an award winning photographer of the building process will be presented with each guitar.