Exhibitors 2014

Neubauer Guitars
Andreas Neubauer

Andreas Neubauer has been building custom instruments since 1987. Each instrument is designed and developed according to the client’s individual specifications. The instruments are hand crafted with traditional methods. Using the best available materials and woods from his extensive collection, some of which date back to the 1930’s, he crafts instruments to the highest standards. Fine repair, restoration and finishing work are also part of his repertory.


I exhibit at the Holy Grail Show because I am convinced that this show is right now and in the future the premium place for me to display my high-class instruments together with some of the world’s best known guitar makers.


“The challenge for me lies in developing an instrument together with the musician. The instrument, once completed, will become part of him and will enable him best to put his musical ideas into practice. Wood is a naturally grown material which can, even within the same species, feature different acoustic properties. The daily contact with my tools and woods is, without romanticizing it, a sensual experience for me. My working materials originate from and grow on every continent.  The effort of collecting the “ingredients” for an instrument from around the world triggers an awareness of its vastness and the difficulties involved in procuring them. The most important aspect for me is the communication with the customer and the dialogue between my experience and intuition and his needs, as well as my joy in developing and building the final instrument. I find that sensitivity and taste as well as empathy for the musician are prerequisites for planning and making a guitar. 30 years of experience have taught me that the best materials and tools are just the beginning as far as the creation of a great instrument is concerned.”