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Oliver Lang Instruments
Oliver Lang

Oliver Lang made his guitar-building hobby into a profession. He began his one-man business by creating a shape for himself and working with several combinations of wood. As an organ builder, his wood supply includes types of wood not commonly used by luthiers. Currently he offers three different designs of bass guitars. All the instruments are built by hand. Custom options, custom designs and lefties are welcome.


‘The Holy Grail’, as well as feelings, is something very individual, something very personal and special. People, who express their feelings through music, often have a special relationship to their instrument: For some of them, the instrument is already the holy grail, for others it is just a kind of tool, a companion in search of the Holy Grail.

»Wood is highly individual, personal and special, same as emotions or music. I have made it my mission to find the right piece of wood for every character and every type of people and personality. For bass players, to which the question of P or J is at the beginning and not at the end of their search.«