Exhibitors 2014

Photo credits: Andreas Schulz
Pagelli Guitars
Claudio & Claudia Pagelli

Pagelli… the guitars with the spark inside.


Pagelli‘s are Pagelli‘s … no need to mince words … benchmarks since 1978.  Or to repeat the words of Connoisseurs:


“Pagelli’s are not top of the league … they are in a league of their own!”
(Heinz Rebellius, Gitarre&Bass, Germany)


“Pagelli’s have a pretty rare combination of boundless creativity, exacting building standards and stellar artistic sensibilities.”
(Ben Friedman, PremierGuitar, USA)


“When starting building guitars in 1978 I had already a few years of rebellion behind me. It was the 70’s, the golden age of rock’n’roll! There was the establishment or the hippies… long hair rebellion against the machine… : )  Of course I had long hair – and the weapon was my guitar. It was just the coolest instrument ever. Imagine a rebellion with a flute. In those days there were no music stores (at least where I was living), no internet, but radio stations from far away – fading in and out – but when fading in it was just high time. And then a pic from Hendrix, burning his guitar. Wow! Those moments have been the ignition for making my first guitar, at 13!  A tele style guitar. Not good, but a start. In the meantime, closer to 60 than 50 and now together with my wife Claudia, I made hundreds of instruments, most of them one offs, some with weird shapes, some with innovations, some with all together, but hopefully all with the special spark inside that can inspire musicians – and starting revolutions…”


Photo credit: Andreas Schulz