Exhibitors 2014

Rasmussen Guitars
Lars Rasmussen

Lars Rasmussen is a luthier based in Stockholm, Sweden. He is mostly building smaller guitars and tenor guitars, with a focus on responsive and dynamic tone. Lars took his lutherie training in Sweden, but has also been a student with masters Dana Bourgeois and Ervin Somogyi. Over the last ten years, he has built guitars for many of Sweden’s finest musicians.


“I started out building guitars about ten years ago right after graduating from high school, its the passion of my life and I cant imagine life without it. I love every aspect of it, the craft itself of course, but mostly i enjoy the interaction with the person who is getting the guitar, knowing that when my work with the guitar has ended, the guitar lives on and continues to inspire the guitar player year after year. Seeing the guitar when it stops by the shop or at a concert, after miles and miles of playing, is the biggest reward of all in this craft.”