Exhibitors 2014

Relish Guitars Switzerland
Silvan Küng & Pirmin Giger

Relish Guitars Switzerland is a young Swiss guitar label. Founded by two versed designers, musicians and guitarists. Since 2010 Pirmin Giger and Silvan Küng have been developing their e-guitar “Jane”, which sets new standards after 60 years of e-guitar market. They longed for innovation in guitar building. “Jane’s” sound is unique. Due to the innovative construction, materials and design, a new electric guitar experience has been created. The resonance, the rich tone and design – you need to hold a “Jane” by yourself, touch the chords and enjoy the sound. Relish Guitars Switzerland stands for Swiss quality, innovation and passion.

Guitars is our passion. To attend the Holy Grail Show is a holy honor for us. We look forward to meeting many guitarists, luthiers and other enthusiastic. See you guys in Berlin!