Exhibitors 2014

Rikkers Guitars
Ferdinand Rikkers & Jacco Stuitje

Rikkers Custom Basses and Guitars is a traditional builder of exclusive instruments located in the city of Groningen in The Netherlands. Rikkers takes pride in old-school craftsmanship, preferring the use of hand tools as much as possible. The luthier has a passion for building instruments to the highest level of detail. Rikkers basses and guitars are fully custom-made, built entirely to the wishes and specifications of the musician. Therefore, each Rikkers is a unique instrument, of which only one will ever be built.


“At Rikkers Custom Basses & Guitars we strive to build instruments that not just look stunning, but are literally unique. In fact, each Rikkers bass or guitar is a one-off of which only one exists. As seasoned luthiers we’d love to build you an instrument that sets you apart with great looks and even greater tone.”