Exhibitors 2014

SCharpach_Menno Bos and Theo Scharpach
Scharpach Master Guitars
Theo Scharpach & Menno Bos

Scharpach Master Guitars are commissioned by those who are experienced. One needs to understand the subtle differences that set these guitars apart and result in endless joy and a high level of appreciation.
These guitars employ all aspects of quality that influence the richness and the quality of an instrument: power, sustain, response and sensitivity, uniformity of the sound level of each note, timbre or voice, contrast of tones, dynamic range, balance between bass and treble, evenness of sound, degree of clarity in polyphony, sympathetic resonances, easy to play instruments, response of the guitar to the right and left hand.


“I feel simultaneously an old world style luthier and a progressive modernist. My quest is a desire to develop the unusual, by searching for improvements of the acoustic and aesthetic design of the modern guitar. The result should be an engaging experience and discovering journey for the player to communicate with music. I hope that my devoted approach may unveil the beauty of this instrument with great subtlety. I am still convinced that it is possible to develop the art of guitar making however it may be with small steps.”