Exhibitors 2014

Seth Baccus Guitars
Seth Baccus

With a blend of modern precision technology and old world hand skills, Seth Baccus’ guitars are impeccably built with an acute attention-to-detail. Using only the finest materials and components, this is a labour of love. Each guitar is built with pride and dedication – the evolutionary blend between modern and classic.


»Guitar making is my true passion and I’ll attempt to give you a brief background about me and my guitars. 

I suppose it is fair to say I was always likely to be involved with guitars in someway, I have always even as a small child been obsessed with music and my step father is Andy Manson, a legend in the acoustic guitar building world, so I grew up as a kid surrounded by saw dust, guitars and musicians. This progressed to helping out one day a week in Andy’s workshop while I was at college. Making tea and sweeping the floor etc and generally just soaking up the atmosphere. While I loved the acoustic guitars, and seeing how they were built, I became enamoured with the sound of electric guitars. I worked hard and became the manager of Manson’s Guitar shop in the UK and soaked up as much information about guitars as I possibly could with my obsession directing me towards building my own electric guitars.

I built my first guitar in 2004, and it was a decent guitar, but I knew I could do better , so it was followed up very quickly by another, then another and before I knew it I was hooked. I got the bug and joined the never ending quest for perfection. I have also been lucky enough to have toured as an instrument technician with some fantastic artists including John Paul Jones, and worked very closely with many global bands including Muse and Led Zeppelin over the years. It has all been a fantastic education into the many aspects of what the instrument means to the player and the demands it must meet. 10 years later here we are … I have developed my own models of bespoke electric guitars, utilizing this education I have been lucky enough to experience. I share a workshop with Andy Manson, and thoroughly enjoy the exchange of ideas and continual inspiration.

I honestly can’t imagine spending my time doing anything else, I absolutely love being involved with instruments all day every day. The smell of sawdust instantly makes me feel like I am home.
I am very much looking forward to exhibiting at the Holy Grail Guitar show this year. It is shaping up to be a fantastic event for guitar players, collectors and luthiers alike. It will be wonderful to show my guitars in this context, along side many other wonderful craftsmen. I have no doubt it will be an inspiring experience and a guitar lovers idea of heaven!«