Exhibitors 2014

Shane Briggs Guitars
Shane Briggs

Shane designs and handcrafts contemporary steel string guitars from his workshop in Melbourne using premium tonewoods from both northern and southern hemispheres. His works are influenced by the aesthetics of the world’s contemporary guitar making scene as well as finger style guitar music. He builds 8-10 instruments per year and each is customized to the individual.
Shane taught himself basic wood working skills and was casually mentored by local Australian guitar makers including Jack Spira, Tim Kill, Jeff Crisp and Barry Kerr. After building his first guitar at the age of 18, he went on to study guitar making and repair in Melbourne and has been building guitars professionally since graduating.


»I made my first guitar during my final year of high school where I was studying music performance and learning to play finger style guitar. I taught myself basic wood working skills using books and networked with local Australian luthiers, including Jack Spira, Tim Kill, Jeff Crisp and Barry Kerr, who mentored and guided me on my quest for knowledge. After high school, I went on to study guitar making in Melbourne and have been building guitars since graduating. I have exhibited my guitars at various events in Australia but The Holy Grail Guitar Show will be my first overseas exhibition. I’m currently working on a Harp Guitar for the show and I’m greatly looking forward to meeting some of the best makers in the world and hearing their beautiful guitars.«