Exhibitors 2014

Stefan Heß

Both Bogart Basses and Tortoise Guitars are handmade (of course with the help of some self-made moulding tools) by Stefan Hess in Obernburg, Germany. His company SKC Graphite was founded in 1989 as the main supplier of carbon necks in Germany. As business became difficult in the late ‘90s, Stefan took a long break until 2009, the year that saw the re-launch of the Bogart Basses. The Tortoise Guitar brand was introduced in 2014; the first exciting main event to showcase this light-weight composite electric guitar is the HGGS in Berlin.


»My basic intention for my work is the exciting work with composite and natural materials to create unique and innovative instruments. Since we (SKC founder Wolfgang Staab and I) found out that some composite materials are having outstanding resonance behaviors, I’ve mixed several synthetic and natural materials to get a maximum in tonal balance without losing tonal character.«

As I heard about the HGGS for the first time, I immediately decided to go to Berlin. There could be no better place for such an event.