Exhibitors 2014

Sonntag Guitars
Stefan Sonntag

Sonntag Guitars has been producing archtop guitars for over 20 years. Inspired by the old masters John D‘Angelico or Jimmy D‘Aquisto, the goal of Sonntag Guitars is to keep the spirit of the old archtops alive since their invention in the 30s and 40s. Using selected and seasoned wood, combined with know-how and experience, the acoustic quality of Sonntag guitars is guaranteed. Sonntag Guitars offers both true acoustic archtop guitars as well as archtops that are constructed for amplified playing, which are more feedback-resistant and meant for loud stage environments.

“In the beginning of my career as a luthier I heard about the old days when jazz guitars were around which could cut through the sound wall of a big band. I got curious and started looking for such guitars, but they were hard to find in Germany in the beginning of the 90s. Meanwhile I had started building archtops just to try by myself and find out what it is about the magic of those guitars.  Eventually I could lay may hands on several D‘Angelicos, D‘Aquistos and Gibsons and examining them to learn about the secrets of archtop making. Over the years my skills in building archtop guitars developed and the feedback of my customers tell me I am on a good way. I even have a customer who plays his Sonntag archtop in a big band where they authentically perform the big band music like in the old days: without amplification!”

Displaying my guitars at the Holy Grail Guitar Show is a very good chance for me to present my archtops to an audience which is particularly interested in handcrafted guitars. This will be a great forum for guitarists who can treasure the value of quality craftmanship and the passion to achieve the best possible sound in a guitar.