Exhibitors 2014

Spalt Instruments
Michael Spalt

There’s a magical quality about the guitar – a wonderful malleability and versatility as object, tool and statement.  It’s a curvaceous canvas, readymade for handling, swinging, stroking, beating and fingering, for making noise and dreaming up songs.  Making a guitar can be easy and simple or staggeringly difficult and elaborate – it’s expression and vehicle all rolled into one portable package, embodied and molded into as many incarnations and interpretations as there are builders.  

This show will offer an unprecedented collection of makers displaying the myriad approaches to what a guitar can be.


“It all started by fiddling with and modifying what are today revered as vintage instruments in a constant quest to improve them. This compulsion remained dormant for a while, resurfacing later with a vengeance finally establishing itself as the daily bread for mind and body. The wonderful thing about this job is that it brings new insights and inspirations every day. Each piece of wood harbours new discoveries, indicates new pathways and allows for the use of the many things learned while travelling through different occupations to become part of musical objets d’art, which in turn serve as tools for the musician’s artistic expression.”