Exhibitors 2014

Springer Guitars
Mikaël Springer

Mikaël Springer originally started building electric guitars back in 2004 as a hobby, like many of his luthier colleagues. From then on, guitar building became to him a true passion and he never stopped building, learning, and improving his skills. In 2011 Mikaël started his own guitar line under the name Springer Guitars, where he continues today to pursue his philosophy of building high-end, lively and unique guitars; perfect tools for the expression of the musician’s art.


»Guitar building is my job and my passion. When I stand up each morning and go the workshop, I feel lively and fortunate. That is to me the only way of producing high end guitars : when one puts his heart and soul into it.«

The Holy Grail Guitar Show is the best place to see and meet a huge selection of unique guitar builders who share this same passionate philosophy. That’s where I want to show my work.