Exhibitors 2014

Stoll Guitars
Christian Stoll

For more than 30 years, Stoll Guitars has been part of the German and international guitar market. Since the beginning, Christian Stoll has followed his own concept regarding body shape, bracing, overall appearance and sound, thus building a product line of classical guitars, steel string guitars and acoustic basses as well as offering custom instruments.
Stoll is probably best known for the “Legendary Acoustic Bass” but also for innovative guitars like the “IQ” Steel string with fanned frets and “Double Fun”, a reversible steel string/classical guitar with two necks.


“When I applied in 1978 at the Hopf company for an apprenticeship as a guitarmaker, I did not know how rewarding this profession would be for me. But something drove me to insistingly ask again and again until they hired me. I never regretted my decision. Of course you can do this work only if you master the craft from scratch. And yet it is so much more. Many believe that they can develop a guitar on the drawing board. I know that wood is a living material and if you don’t get in touch with it and sense its potential, you will never achieve the optimal sound. That is why each of my guitars is a unique piece that, in the building process, has received the attention it deserves to become the best it can be. The same applies to the development of a new model. If a customer has a special request, I let the idea grow in my mind. It is a process that takes time. Every now and then I equalize the result of this process with my skills and knowledge of guitar building. Of course at some point plans are drawn, but only after the concept is already formed clearly in my mind.”

I’m proud to be part of the Holy Grail Guitar Show.