Exhibitors 2014

Stratmann Gitarren
Thomas Stratmann

Since 1990, Stratmann Guitars has been THE place to go for custom-made electric guitars and repairs in Hannover, Germany. Guitars and basses are completely designed and hand-crafted using traditional tools and machinery. All stages of manufacturing are performed using carefully selected woods with high gloss finishes and perfect setups. Even the pickups are hand-wound in the workshop to meet the individual demands of the customers. 


In the spacious and well-equipped workshop in Hannover, Thomas Stratmann also offers two week guitar-building courses, in which up to 5 participants make their own dream instrument under professional guidance accompanied by intense theory lessons.


When I started playing the guitar in a band back in the 70’s, my playing was pretty poor (and still is) – but guitars instantly became my passion. I started tinkering at them – soldering, sanding and painting, working on frets, changing hardware etc. and somehow the instruments I “worked” on seemed to be a lot better after my treatment….. I grew up in the country, far away from big cities. There were no instrument makers around. Therefor the workshop at which I made my apprenticeship as a carpenter, was the only place to get (wooden) musical instruments repaired. Very soon, this became part of my job. I polished scratched pianos and also glued broken violins and guitars for the local music store. Although my first attempts making an electric guitar failed my motivation even increased!”

My all time favourite guitars were and are ES-like semi acoustic models. During the past two years we have concentrated on developing a new ES like model and I think this new “Holy Grail Guitar Show” is exactly the right event at the right time for presenting the results of our work to the public. We are really looking forward to showing them to you there!