Ruokangas Guitars – Earkraft

Sunday 15:00-15:20 in Hall C4

Photo by Klemens MöllenbeckEarkraft is a unique jazz-fusion trio formed by outstanding musicians Antti Paranko (Guitar, Vocals), Markus Setzer (Bass) and Mikko Arlin (Drums).


Impossible to categorize – ingenious virtuosity combined with unique melodic style and sense of humor – brilliant skills mashed up with creative madness – yet always without losing the focus and sight of equilibrium.


Antti and Markus use Ruokangas instruments as their main musical tools. Mikko plays handmade Kumu drums made in Finland. Antti’s choice of amps is Elmwood, handmade in Sweden. Markus trusts Glockenklang from Germany. Earkraft is 100% “Holy Grail Guitar Show Compatible” regarding their choice of musical instruments!



Presented by Ruokangas Guitars