Thermo Treated Wood

Saturday 15:00-15:45 in Room Lyon

Vintage Tone or Voodoo?

by Juha Ruokangas, Finland

What is thermo treatment all about?
Does it improve tonewood?
What happens in the process?
Is roasted wood something different?



In his lecture Juha sheds light on these questions and might even bust a couple of myths as well! 


JuhaLectureWebSmall“I am honored to have the opportunity to share my experience from the past 2 decades and more, hoping it will benefit players and guitar lovers in understanding better what makes a luthier built guitar better.”


Thermo treatment was originally developed in Finland in the 1990’s. Juha Ruokangas was one of the musical instrument makers involved in a technical university study that led to a deeper understanding of the process and its application in musical instruments. Juha has used the innovative thermo treated wood in his guitars ever since.

I love the many faces of The Holy Grail Guitar Show. To me personally, one of the most exciting perspectives is the immense amount of knowledge packed under one roof – it’s literally electrifying!